About Hycon Technology...

  Company Profile:
   Hycon Technology was established in July, 2007 in Taipei, Taiwan. We dedicate ourselves to develop high precision and low drift analog signal related processing ICs.

   We specialize in several technological capabilities:
     Low voltage and low power consumption IC design
     High precision and low noise analog circuit design
     High resolution Analog to Digital Convertor (ADC)
     8 bit microcontroller digital circuit design and related software/hardware development system platform (ICE)
     High accuracy manufacture calibration and quality control

   Distinct from other analog or mixed signal IC design houses that focus on image, voice, communication or power management applications, Hycon emphasis on measuring and monitoring analog signals, such as temperature, pressure, weight, voltage, current, power consumption….etc..

   Our wide range of main products involve developing IC solutions for battery management, instrumentation/meter (including medical treatment, weight, temperature, measurement…) and industrial control fields.


  Mission & Vision:
    Unremittingly improve product quality, making Hycon the best IC provider of analog-centered circuit.
    Willingly to take challenges, aggressive innovation brings about the most comprehensive and competitive solutions.
    Firmly committed to customer promises, dealing problems with customers so as to realize upmost service.

  Managing Philosophy:

    Seamless support

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